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Supervisor Circle

Supervisor circle is a place for clinical supervisors to meet and discuss topics related to supervision. You can access this space if you are already a supervisor. Join me for bi-monthly meetups where we can share the space to reflect and support each other in our supervisory roles. There is currently no fee to access the supervisor circle, so book your space using the link below…

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Supervisor circle

Supervisor Circle

Essential Info

  1. In the supervisor circle, everyone is welcome. Language or behaviour that is not inclusive of all layers of intersectionality is not welcome.
  2. All meetings will be held on zoom, each meeting will last 1 hour.
  3. This is a collaborative learning space, so you are encouraged to have your camera on, mics will be muted at the start, and you’ll be invited to unmute to contribute, if you are not speaking, please mute your mic.
  4. That chatroom will be open to share your thoughts.
  5. We’ll be discussing general topics. Remember, confidentiality is limited, so sharing of client information is not encouraged.
  6. I’ll facilitate the meetings to follow the format of: check in, introduction of subject being discussed, reflections and/or breakout rooms, group discussion/feedback, check out. 
  7. Each ‘Circle’ will be based around a topic. To keep updated with the focus of the upcoming meetings do subscribe to the newsletter.
Supervisor Circle

Aspiring Supervisors

I’d like to provide a space to support supervisors-in-training, this would be of a similar format to that of the supervisor circle, where you would have space to discuss your growth and development during the course of your training. Please get in touch if this is something you are interested in:  Email me here:

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